Simple spring cleaning of gardens and landscapes will turn average green spaces into pristine canvases for beautiful spring and summer plantings. At Binkley Horticultural Services, we have the horticultural know-how to get your garden off to the best start possible. We provide an array of detailed spring cleaning services that include:

  • Garden cleanup (pruning old perennials and removing debris for healthier, more attractive gardens)
  • Yard cleanup (raking and removing debris for good lawn growth and appearance)
  • Developmental pruning of shrubs and small trees (trimming and shaping woody plants for better health and growth)
  • Mulching (thorough mulch application for weed control and good looks )
  • Garden edging (cutting and shaping bed edges for crisp, clean appearance)

Before we start a spring garden or landscape cleaning project, we visit our client’s homes or business establishments and assess their needs. Then we work to fine tune spring cleanup plans to keep projects within client goals and means. Good spring cleanup will leave your yard and garden glowing, while offering the best possible start for the growing season. Call (484) 459-2391 to set up a free spring cleanup consultation today!