Edible gardening has become more and more popular with homeowners. That’s why we created our Healthy Living Gardens, which comprise three different models of customized raised beds filled with edible crops. Each is constructed from natural cedar, lined with weed mat, filled with 12 inches of premium raised bed soil, and planted with lush vegetables, herbs, and fruits of your choice. Call 484-459-2391 to learn more about our Healthy Living Gardens today! Prices cover all bed materials, plants, and installation. Tomato cages and other plant supports, such as trellising, and protective winter covers may also be included at an additional cost.

Bed 1

Size: 4’ x 4′
Cost: $800
Edibles included: 2 large vegetables, 1 smaller vegetable, and 3 herbs

Bed 2

Size: 4’ x 8′
Cost: $1200
Edibles included: 4 large vegetables, 2 smaller vegetables, and 4 herbs.

Bed 3

Size: 4’ x 12′
Cost: $1600
Edibles included: Space to grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and small fruits.

If you already have a vegetable garden, we will deliver your favorite potted herbs, vegetables, and small fruits directly to you. Maintenance options are also available.